The Void Between

Strangers in Boston (part3)

Pocket Change and Grim return to the Mausoleum, their hearts weighing heavy with the complications in dealing with the Shinje. But their minds are made up, it is Discordia who they believe should be resurrected. Pocket Change wants to make sure that Discordia will be the mage to come out of the Shinje’s ritual, so he seeks the Shadow Chorus. He’s able to follow the through a portal left behind by their last visit and successfully breaks into the Oubliette. When he confronts them, they reveal they have no intention of giving up on Discordia. They leave in his possession a mask worn by Discordia, advising only that ‘he should not be trusted’. What exactly is meant by this is yet to be determined.
Grim scrutinizes the tome left to them, finding that there is subtle magical spirit resonance at work. He is interrupted from his research by a text from the Consilium Herald. The Hierarch has called a emergency meeting and is demanding their presence. The meeting is scheduled for 7AM, leaving them precious little time to formulate a plan. Grim fears the Ebon Noose will force the Shinje to resurrect Anaconda, so he goes to the Emerald Scroll to looking for information on her, perhaps if she had a sanctum she maintained for herself. Davy Jones, showing if anything distaste for the Noose, offers up the fact that they have a small sanctum here in Boston that she would operate out of when on Consilium business.
Meanwhile, Pocket Change seeks to eliminate Khatvanga from the resurrection equation and works to shield the phurba from any who would seek it out.



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